Pledge: Strike or Protest on May Day

Strike or Protest on May Day!
Stand in Solidarity with Immigrants

Trump can be defeated. But to do so we will need to disrupt “business as usual,” and use our power as working people to shut down profits for Trump and his billionaire backers. May 1, or “May Day,” is a day of historic immigrant rights protests, and this year mass actions and strikes will take place across the country.

Alongside immigrant organizations and unions, we will stand up against the deportations, Trump’s wall, the Muslim ban, anti-union laws and attacks on women’s reproductive rights. Strike and protest actions can take different forms. Organize in your union for strike action, build for a walkout at your school, take the day off, call in sick, leave early with your co-workers, or participate in protests in your area.

Join Kshama Sawant and Movement for the 99% in pledging to take action on May 1!

For more information, read “Why We Should Strike on May Day”.

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