National Solidarity Text Language, Number, Script

**UPDATE: If you can’t reach the Mayor of Franklin – please send a text or email (sample text/email below).

**Please call or text 1-2 (or more) of the City Council members of Franklin (phone numbers below)**

Send a text message (cut and paste):

NO Confederate Plaque! NO Death Threats & Intimidation! VM Bray posting organizer name & phone is unacceptable! Remove Bray as VM & say NO threats & NO plaque!

Who to call:

Primary Focus of Call-In Campaign:
Denny Centers – Mayor
513-460-4100 (cell)


Brent Centers – City Council
937-620-1872 (cell)

Deborah Flouts – City Council
937-241-6562 (cell)

Michael Aldridge – City Council
937-704-0452 (home)

Paul Ruppert – City Council
937-746-2237 (home)

Todd Hall – City Council
937-746-7949 (home)

Carl Bray – Vice Mayor
513-465-7772 (cell)

TEXT for Vice Mayor Bray: NO Confederate Plaque! NO Death Threats & Intimidation! Posting organizer name & phone is unacceptable! Bray Resign as Vice Mayor! & say NO threats & Plaque!


“Hi, my name is [First name] and I oppose the City of Franklin returning the Robert E. Lee plaque for public display.

I’m also calling to express my outrage at the conduct of Vice Mayor Carl Bray. His intimidation tactics of publicly sharing the name and phone number of the community organizer leading the effort to remove the plaque and asking people to call him in retaliation is absolutely unacceptable behavior for an elected official, especially after the violence and murder committed by white nationalists in Charlottesville.


I call on you, the Mayor of the City of Franklin (or I call on you, a City Council member), to;

  • Make a public commitment to never put the Robert E. Lee  plaque back on public or private land and to
  • I call on you and the City Council to remove Carl Bray as Vice Mayor and to select a new Vice Mayor. (the council can do this). I call on you and the City Council to condemn Bray for using his office and authority to intimidate.

Will you do this?”